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            The Witch of the Willows traditional Black Salt 

This powerful Witches Black salt can be used for protection, banishing and breaking hexes. It’s useful for driving away anything and everything from low vibration dark energies, negative spirits, and even unwanted guests. Can be used in spells or sprinkled round your house for protection. We have pendants in our shop, so you can wear items containing Witches Black Salt which will protect you from any negativity that maybe around you.

My handcrafted Witches Black Salt contains a mixture of black Himalayan salt, ritual fire and Cauldron ashes, a blend of protection herbs, traditional home blended cascarilla powder and black pepper.
The blend has charged under a full moon.

Black salt to help you protect, cleanse
and banish against unwanted energies.

50ml bottles

Handmade with love by
🧙‍♀️xx The Witch of the Willows xx 🧙‍♀️

Witches Black Salt

SKU: 882547764
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