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            A Magical set of three 60mm Yule tree Witch Balls. 

Health 🌿
Protection 🔮
Yule 🎄

A traditional witch ball is a hollow sphere . Historically, witch balls were hung in cottage windows in 17th and 18th century to ward off evil spirits, evil spells, ill fortune and bad spirits. they have been traditionally hung in the home as a blessing or for protection this brings a beautiful touch of magic to your home.

My yule balls or witch balls can be placed in the home, hung from Yule/Christmas tree, hung from a door or window as a house blessing, pure protection also they can attract good health and bring prosperity into your home.

My Witch Balls contains a selected mix of botanicals and a crystals that represent this season of the year and are charged with pure loving protective energies.

Made with Love, Light and blessings by

xx 💕🧙‍♀️ The Witch of the Willows 🧙‍♀️💕 xx

Witch Balls (set of three)

SKU: 1339563500
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