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                    White sage protection / Cleansing spray

White Sage Smudging Spray can be used for the same reason that you might use a smudge stick ... For cleansing of the aura before meditation, for the cleansing of a house or dwelling and to clear any negativity, it can also be used after paranormal investigations.

Using a spray is good for smudging but without the smoke. It can be particularly useful within smaller rooms, for places where burning sage is not permitted or simply as an alternative for smudging.

Pure essential oils 100% Californian White Sage Oil (NOT Clary sage)
Witch hazel,
Steam distilled water.
No preservatives, perfumes, dyes, or other chemicals.

Please note this is NOT a fragrance oil or a fragrance room spray

50ml glass bottle to prevent degradation

£15.50 each

Made with love by
The Witch in the Willows

xx🧙‍♀️ Blessed Be 🧙‍♀️ xx

White Sage Protection spray,Banish Negativity,White Sage Spray,Energy Cleansing

SKU: 810883480
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