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                    The Witch of the Willows worry box - This charming box comes with a small Worry doll and a bottle of Witches black salt. The box itself comes with a heart with the words “ worries be gone “ to the top of the box.

Worry dolls have been with us for centuries and the concept of this has not changed to this day.

Simply hold your poppet and visualise all of your worries entering the doll. A candle may help. When done place your Doll into the box and leave it overnight close to you ( a bedside table is ideal ). The black salt will absorb all of the negative energy from your worries that you placed in the Doll and leave you relaxed and positive on waking.
The Doll is also a very good tool for stress and anxiety relief if just simply held and played with during periods of anxiety.
It is a good idea to recharge your doll on every full moon by simply leaving him on your windowsill or outside ( weather permitting ) to collect the moon’s energy and cleansing rays.

These Worry Dolls are made with love and pure intentions by

x🧙‍♀️ The Witch of the Willows 🧙‍♀️x

The Witch of the Willows Worry Box, Worry Doll, Talisman, Witches Talisman, Wit

SKU: 927772228-1
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