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                    The ultimate cleansing kit for your home 🏡 or paranormal investigations 👻

The set of four contains

A 100% pure White Sage Smudging Spray can be used for the same reason that you might use a smudge stick ... For cleansing of the aura before meditation, for the cleansing of a house or dwelling and to clear any negativity, it can also be used after paranormal investigations.
Using a spray is good for smudging but without the smoke. It can be particularly useful within smaller rooms, for places where burning sage is not permitted or simply as an alternative for smudging.

A Palo Santo spray -used for raising vibrations and cleansing your space. Palo Santo is well known for bringing calm and clarity and is considered to be good for healing as well as enhancing creativity and bringing good fortune.

A handcrafted Witches Black Salt contains a mixture of black Himalayan salt, ritual fire and Cauldron ashes, a blend of protection herbs and black pepper.
The blend has charged under a full moon. Black salt to help you protect, cleanse and banish against unwanted energies.

Cascarilla powder is effective in warding off and removing negative energy and unwanted attachments. It is so effective that the space left from the negative energy attracts positive energy and can promote change within.

No preservatives, perfumes, dyes, or other chemicals.

All four items are in 30ml glass bottles /jars to prevent degradation

Made with love by
The Witch of the Willows

xx🧙‍♀️ Blessed Be 🧙‍♀️ xx

The ultimate energy cleansing kit for your home or paranormal investigations, W

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