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                    Poppet Witch talisman, poppet, protection, kitchen Witch, Good luck, talisman, witches, witch, poppet doll, charms, Wiccan

In the realms of traditional witchcraft, the poppet is supposed to depict a "good" witch who inspires productivity and safety in a kitchen, but also protects against any ill-will directed to the home. It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member.

Poppets can be used in spells for protection, luck, prosperity, health, and happiness into the person they represent.

This unique handmade poppet doll talisman is one of my favourite items I make, it is complemented with beautiful witch charms, bells and a key. ( keys are believed to connected with doorways to the unknown, knowledge, mysteries, powers, new ways, forbidden things and answers to curious questions. They are often a used as part of charms or other magical tools. We in modern times still value keys as an important part of our daily lives.

Made with love by
xx🧙‍♀️ The Witch of the Willows 🧙‍♀️xx

Poppet Witch talisman, poppet, protection, good luck, talisman, witches, witch,

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