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            Cascarilla powder is a white or off-white powder made of finely crushed eggshells from a chicken, preferably black. The protective nature of the eggshell, which protects an embryo as it develops is embodied in the powder when it is used for protective magick. But the protective nature of cascarilla seems to come primarily from its banishing qualities. It seems that negative energy cannot exist in the presence of enough cascarilla and spirit beings find it repulsive. Using a line of cascarilla acts as a barrier to the entrance of spirits and harmful or destructive energies.

Can be used as a cleanser for negativity and protective qualities that can be used on the body, the bath in. It can be dissolved into water to wash floors of your home. Cascarilla powder can also be used for drawing circles or marking symbols on walls or floors. Other uses for protection include being placed under door mats or create an unbroken circle around the house.

The Witch of the Willows Cascarilla Powder is handmade and bottled to a very high standard.

Blessed under a full moon

50ml bottles

Created with love and light by
x🧙‍♀️💕The Witch of the Willows🧙‍♀️💕xx

Cascarilla Powder

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