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Pine Tar Water is a traditional medieval recipe consisting of Pine Tar and water. It was revived by the victorians as a tonic and a cure for Scurvy.
When mixed with blessed water and filtered through specific plants and herbs it becomes one of the most potent banishment tools known.

Our Pine Tar Water is blended with blessed moon water, traditionally extracted Pine Tar and filtered through my own blend of herbs and moss to produce what I consider to be the strongest blend possible.
Pine Tar Water has been used to rid houses of “strong spirits” since the early 1700’s and it’s uses include the closing of portals, lifting a hex and returning ill will back to the sender.

The blend is so strong that only one spray Is advisable per room and, as with all spiritual working, intention must be pure.
Pine Tar Water can be used for dispelling negativity, protection from negative influences and protection from negative attachment as a routine use and is particularly affective against more powerful manifestations of negative energy. Pine Tar Water, in my opinion, is an absolute must for any alter or ritual.

30ml glass bottle

Blended by
🧙‍♀️💕 The Witch of the Willows 🧙‍♀️💕

Banishing Pine Tar Water, exorcism, banishing, witch, witches, protection, clean

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