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                    🧙‍♀️A unique home protection hanging🧙‍♀️

A lovely old iron horse shoe to bring love and fortune and Three witches bells, charms, small bells, and a traditional witches black salt protection spell in a small glass bottle. The key is a protection charm for your home and all the people who live in there.

A horseshoe when first made is just a blank horseshoe. There’s nothing to it other than the metal it was made with. A good horseshoe is one that is the same material throughout without imperfections. Once a horseshoe is selected, one must shoe the horse. With everything done through labor is an act of magic, shoeing the horse is an act. It is the physical and direct result of our will. Shoeing the horse has already embedded some of that magic working into the shoe.

As a practical device for the protection of horses' feet, the utility of the iron horse-shoe has long been generally recognised and for centuries, it has also been popularly used as a talisman for the preservation of buildings and helps protect against negativity energy’s

Everyone of these items may differ as no two horse shoes are the same xx

Made with love by
xx🧙‍♀️ The Witch of the Willows 🧙‍♀️xx

Arc of Protection, horse shoe talisman, Witches Bells, Door Protection Charm, W

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